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A chat with Selena is sometimes the only thing her die-hard fans are missing with each spending 15 minutes on an average talking to her.Selena’s bot mimics her personality and interacts with her fans like the bubbly pop star that she is.You can create and customize any kind of AI companion you want and communicate with them through texting.The question is: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?Fans are always looking for ways to talk to the celebrities they look up to.First there were talk shows with dedicated Q&A segments, then came Facebook fan pages and Twitter, Instagram and AMA sessions soon followed suit and now, there are Chatbots!

I only found out about it when I saw that someone had posted “Rest in Peace” on his Facebook page.The 2016 election has already brought with it fears we’re all living in social media echo chambers, where we’re surrounding ourselves with like-minded people.What happens if we start surrounding ourselves with “people” we ourselves created?Bots have come a long way since the days of Eliza and Smarter Child and still have a long way to go to truly augment and think like us.That being said, celebrity chatbots are doing surprisingly well.

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